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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Opener Maintenance Service- Houston, TX

There are basically two types of garage doors. They are either operated manually or automatically. However, it is very difficult to install a garage door since it is the largest of all the doors in the house. The automatic doors are normally very heavy while the manual ones are light. An automatic garage door functions with the support of electricity. However, when there is no electricity, the automatic door changes into a manual.

The main components of a garage door are the opener and the door itself. Garage doors operate on spring tensions; they either roll up or swing up in one piece. The metal tracks on the door help the door move upwards and the heavy springs provide the power. The door repair can be done in the following ways.

  • Check the metal tracks in the garage if they are loose and tighten the bolts. Check the tracks for dent and lightly tab them with a rubber hammer. If they are completely damaged you can replace them.
  • Both tracks should be on the same level. If they are misaligned, align them properly and tighten the bolts.
  • Clean the tracks.
  • Check if the plates of the swing up doors are loose. If they are loose, tighten them. If the wood is broken on the hinge, replace it. Do not use garage doors with a torsion spring at the Center as they can cause injury. A professional will be better to handle it.

Garage doors are maintained in the following ways:

  • They should be lubricated on the hinges and roller tracks. Wipe the torsion springs if they are rusty.
  • Wipe everything clean and then apply light oil.
  • If rollers are stuck, use some kerosene with old toothbrush into the cracks.

Garage door maintenance services are often needed on the door opener. Garage door repair service in Houston will provide you all the essential solution related to your garage door opener issues. Lubricant should be applied on the door opener. If the weather-stripping along the sides of the doors is jamming, adjust t or replace it. If the garage door does not have weather-striping seal, please install it. When we inspect the garage door, we make sure the handle is visible and accessible. From inside of a garage door, there should be no cracks.

When the door is closed, you should check the springs, if they are broken, consider replacing it immediately. The rollers should stay in the track. The wall push button should be out of reach for children. The garage door should have photoelectric eyes. The remote control should be in order. Houston garage door repair specialists keep all these things in mind while inspecting your garage door. You can have the excellent services by hiring us.


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