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Garage Door Openers - Houston, TX

Lack of maintenance can take a toll in the health of your garage door. You may encounter numerous problems in your garage door since you are not taking proper care of it. Of all the garage door problems, failure to opening and closing opening of door is really annoying. When you encounter such type of situation, you become helpless as you are not at all able to use your garage door. Moreover, it hampers your daily routine.

Therefore, it is crucial to carry out a regular maintenance on your garage door in order to prevent problems in the future. However, if you face any problem in your garage door, you can contact Houston Garage Door Repair Specialists. We can come to your rescue anytime you call us.

Earlier people used to use a garage door that was operated manually. But now technology has redefined a garage door as it can be handled automatically. With an automatic garage door opener, there is no need to lift a door manually. You open a garage door with simply a push of button. However, like other machines, a garage door opener has also got lots of wear and tear. Therefore, this also needs maintenance services from time to time. Garage door opener services in Houston are the best bet available to meet your needs.


An Unbalanced door

The garage door has to be perfectly balanced so as not to exert uneven amount of stress on the opener. If the garage door is not balanced, too much stress will be put on one side causing the opener to strain a lot when moving the garage door. This will cause the opener to fail time and again. The major cause of unbalanced door would be the use of wrong springs on the garage door.

Lack of regular servicing and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, small problems can arise in a garage door if it not maintained properly. However, if the problems are left unattended, then the situation can aggravate and they can end up damaging your garage door opener, too. The small and fixable problems like a bent door panel will cause the openers to strain a lot in performing their duty and eventually they will fail. This goes to show the importance of having your opener serviced regularly. You can trust our specialists for garage door repair service in Houston.


You may hit the garage door with your car accidentally. The impact may have been very minor and the door continues to function normally, but the real effects will be felt later on. It can also impact the door opener as it may cause excess stress on the opener and eventually it leads to failure.

Should you replace or repair the opener?

In most cases, repair would be enough to restore your garage door openers. But in some special cases, it may be necessary to replace the motor. However, after a thorough diagnosis of the problem, specialists from Houston Garage Door Specialist will advise you the best solution.

Due to our vast experience, we are able to handle any damages on your garage door opener and make it function smoothly again in no time. Our technicians will also service it properly to ensure that it does not develop any problems that may inconvenience you. We care about you and so you can contact us for top quality service.


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